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Youth ministry is a seed planting ministry. Our great privilege - and, let’s be real – our great challenge is to embrace the mission Jesus gave to his disciples in John 15: 16, “I appointed you to go and bear fruit, fruit that lasts.”


A coaching cohort with Duffy Robbins

What if there were a clear, time-tested strategy for growing fruitful disciples in your church?

What if youth ministry could be less about busyness and activity and more about fruitfulness and productivity?

What if someone could help you design a customized plan that would help you massage into the flesh and bones of your youth program a biblical vision for youth ministry?

What if there were a way of doing youth ministry so that kids don’t just “come forward”, but they “press onward”?

wise, solid, practical ongoing guidance

Our calling as youth leaders is to nurture young teenage disciples so that, after graduation, five years down the road, ten years down the road, they will still be actively living out authentic faith. But, it’s not easy. Most of us who’ve been in youth ministry for any length of time have grieved the story of a teenager who graduated from high school, graduated from youth group, and for all practical purposes, graduated from God.

At Ministry Architects, we believe this can happen! But, it’s going to take more than a seminar, more than a weekend, more than a drive-by presentation. It takes wise, solid, practical ongoing guidance.

That’s why we’re offering this application-only, coaching cohort with Duffy Robbins. Whether you’re a youth ministry vet, or just starting out, we’re convinced this one year on-line small group experience can refresh and refocus your ministry.

"Through the Discipleship cohort, I had the chance to engage in important conversation with others in youth ministry, to learn through the webinars, and to sit with those who are seasoned in discipling young people. I have come away renewed, inspired, encouraged, and challenged! I have loved and looked forward to every part of this cohort and am so grateful for Duffy Robbins and Ministry Architects!"

Tammy (Clark) Pollock
Director of Youth Ministries, Centenary United Methodist Church
2018 Cohort Participant